MTB Tips

Wednesday- MTB Skills with GAA Off Road Tri Squad

Good morning getting down to basics of MTB

1. Correct use of front brake

2. body position

3. Eye line

I will cover these topics in more detail at a later date with some video footage but for now a recap of today.

Brake-A lot of riders rely heavily on the rear brake maybe because you feel less likely to fly over the bars or perhaps when you see Down Hill riders slashing big rear wheel slides of berms it would have you believe every corner is 100% rear brake. Not True.

The biggest improvement in my MTB riding in recent years has been correct use of Front Brake. If I put a number on it perhaps 70/30 Front to Rear on average of course there is a slight shift here or there.

Today we worked on rolling down hill and stopping as fast as possible on both Rear only then front only then 70/30

This then led us to the 2nd point ‘Body Position’ moving around your bike is essential and takes a steady build up of confidence. In this braking drill down hill your body weight needs to be low and back, heels driving down towards the ground, arms extending forward on the bars against the gravitational forces which in turn will transfer weight onto your front wheel without having your center of Mass (body) over the front of the bike.

The last point today is eye line- We always preach ‘keep your eyes up’ and as your confidence grows so will your speed and so should your eye line.

Eye line while cornering is always an interesting challenge because you need to scan around the corner for line and terrain. Terrain could be up, down, wet, dusty, off camber etc etc. This helps you choose a speed, gear, body position.

The challenge is to scan a corner on approach while still monitoring the corner you’re in, as well as make any adjustments on your exit strategy, that should have been made on the approach scan.

Easy! See you next session.

Sessions times here

Off Road Tri Squad


The Guy Andrews Adventure Off Road Tri Squad is underway! If you’re interested in Mountain Bike based events from Cross Tri to Adventure racing as well just MTB then  come along to our coaching sessions.

Monday- 5pm Lake Hugh Muntz-swim/run

Wednesday- 6am Nerang (hope st, velodrome) MTB skills

Friday- 5pm Lake Hugh Muntz-swim/run

Sunday- Nerang Velodrome MTB-2pm Beginners, 3pm- Intermediate, 4pm Advanced

More information here

Off Road Cross Tri Back2back Report


It was my first Back2Back event after planning to race it for the last two years and having other commitments get in the way.

This was my second Triathlon this year after competing in the QTS (Queensland Triathlon series) Robina event in January. My last off road Tri was back in October when I suffered a snapped chain while leading the open division on the 15km MTB Leg and finally finishing 4th.

The Twin waters, Sunshine Coast event was a 500m Lake swim, 15km MTB and 6km beach run. Day one was 11am Saturday and Day two started at 8:30am Sunday and was the same course repeated for a cumulative time over the two events.

Day one was a little warm but nice conditions. My start was hopeless and shows you always need to be switched on. I fell in a hole as I ran in and was immediately swamped by swimmers. I cut hard right and got some clear water before moving into 2nd about 30 seconds behind National Cross Triathlon Champion Daniel Neilson, up from Sydney in preparation for his title defense later in February.

Dan was quickly away in Transition opting for the ‘Shoes on Pedals’ option and gaining some time. I rode in ‘no mans’ land 30 seconds ahead of the chasing pack of Nick Moore, George Tamblyn and Kane Oakley and 60 seconds down on Neilson.

Transition to run and Neilson was gone and about 1km into the 6km beach run I was passed by fast moving Nick Moore and soon after Tamblyn, looking good.

About 3.5km into the run former pro triathlete and Cyclist Kane Oakley 37, In what I believe was his first off road tri, cruised passed looking strong. I was feeling the run and my legs were heavy.

Tamblyn went on to finish 2nd to Neilson only 12 seconds down with Nick Moore in 3rd a further 18 seconds behind setting up a show down for Sunday.

Kane Oakley was 4th with myself in 5th in 1hr 15.52 with 5min between 1st and 5th.

Day two and I was feeling remarkably good with no leg soreness at all!

I opted for a faster one piece Tri suit and lighter shoes for the run.

I was much closer to Neilson in the swim with a better start and a nice wash ride. Dan still lifted the pace with a surge at half way to break me off his wash which in turn gave him a handy lead out of transition.

I soon found some nice rhythm on my Giant Anthem Advanced 1, the course in very tight and twisty and the 27.5 inch wheels worked well. I soon found myself on the back wheel of Neilson. With my poor run from on day one I wanted to gain as much lead over the chase group as possible before the end of the 15km bike.

Dan and I arrived in TA together again with Dan doing a classic Triathlon ‘feet out while riding’ Transition, he gained a handy 100m out on to the run leg.

I was off and running and pleasantly surprised that my speed was good and the lighter shoes freeing up my legs. It was some 4.5km into the run, well after the last turning point for home along the beach, that I was finally passed by Nick Moore for 2nd. Close behind was Kane Oakley only 70m back. I dug deep and focused on Nicks back and ran for home holding off Kane by a mere 9 seconds after 1hr15.08 of racing. I was 3rd only 45 seconds down On Moore and 2:30min behind National Champion Dan Neilson.

George Tambyn had an unfortunate flat tyre and was a further 3min down. Significantly for me was the fact I had raced 50 seconds faster on Day two than on Day one, with much harder beach run conditions on the second day, with the high tide and waves making the average time 2-3min slower for the Sunday race.

Final results for the open long course were

Dan Neison 2:23:27

Nick Moore 2:25:33

George Tamblyn 2:29:01

Kane Oakley 2:29:02

Guy Andrews 2:31:00


Connie Sylvestri 2:39:59

Nina Wright 2:47:54

Jenny Wood 3:05:06

Link to results

Adventure Films Monday


Race across the sky 160km MTB race- 2009-Lance Armstrong

Norseman Xtreme Ironman Triathlon-worlds hardest Triathlon?

Megavalanche a crazy Gravity Enduro Mountain Bike race from the top of Alpe D’Huez

Adventure ride

Had a great Adventure ride on the weekend. Headed up into the Gold Coast’s Numinbah State Forest via one of my favourite road climbs -Springbrook.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.09.49 PM

I was joined by Moto fitness Guru Steve Gall, he loves the technical descents and eats it up with his exceptional skills.


Once we reached the turn off on Pine Creek rd that leads to Numinbah Valley we headed into the fire road trail that climbs further in a Northerly direction before descending quite aggressively before a short bike carry back up again that is followed by a bombing descent all the way to the valley. Then we rode back to the north to Hinze dam and a surf ski paddle to finish.

Heading into the forest. This is steep can’t tell here.


That’s Numinbah valley down there!


We ran into the new raised Dam high water level at the bottom of the decent and had to back track.


Great views at the top of the mountain


Introducing Team Rexona

Meet Team Rexona: Q&A with Guy Andrews and Ben Allen

Ben Allen Guam CHAMPIONIMG_4053

Get to know Team Rexona: The tale of two athletes. Guy Andrews, Aussie stuntman, Ironman champion and SMWTC veteran. Ben Allen, Aussie off-road triathlete and SMWTC rookie. These two are ready to smell sweet success!

Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge: Tell us about your background – how did you start in sports?

Guy Andrews: I started out as a Surf Life Saving Ironman and spent my teens and 20s as a professional athlete winning the Uncle Toby Ironman Series three times and 10 championship rounds, as well as the National Ironman championship in 1993. I have become the National Adventure Race champion in 2006 a feat matched by my team-mate in 2008.

Ben Allen: I started in Surf Life Saving as a kid and progressed through the ranks winning numerous state, Australian and world titles. I was given the opportunity by Triathlon Australia in the (NTID) National Talented Identification Program as having the potential to be a world-class athlete in the sport of triathlon.  That is where I was exposed to XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon. I have won 11 World Championship Tour Races so far.

SMWTC: How did the two of you team up? 

GA: Ben and I have competed against each other in multi-sport adventure races and I took a keen interest in his athletic career as he has come from the same Surf Ironman background as me, this made Ben a logical selection as a team mate.

BA: As a young nipper, racing Surf Life Saving events around Australia. I aspired to be on the Surf Ironman series like Guy. I looked up to him and I was lucky enough to race against him in the National Adventure Race Series and we both have similar skills and knowledge on land and water – perfect for Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge!

SMWTC: What does a typical week of training for you guys look like? What sort of preparation is needed to compete in the Challenge?

GA: I spend a lot of time doing the basics – lots of long rides, running and paddling. I am in the process of building my endurance back to where it was a few years ago before I started traveling all over the world doing stunts in movies! I am averaging  20hrs a week training.

BA: Racing in multi-sport disciplines (Xterra/Triathlon) requires me to train between 30-40 hrs a week swimming, biking & running to maintain an elite level of fitness to compete on the world stage against the world’s best athletes.

SMWTC: Guy, how many times have you competed in the Webber Challenge and what brings you back year after year? Ben, is this the first time you are taking part in an adventure race? What are your expectations? 

GA: It’s actually my 5th SMWTC! Including the very first epic 10 day event! I love Tasmania and I really appreciate getting time along side Mark, as my love of Motorsport gives me a huge respect for his achievements. I can support worthy charities all while doing the sport I love, it’s all positive for me.

BA: I have heard and seen so much about how much fun, challenging & rewarding the SMWTC is from friends racing and watching it on TV. I was very honored that Guy asked me to join Team Rexona and race with him for the SMWTC title. I think Guy and I have a great chance to challenge and win the Challenge.

SMWTC: What is one of the most stand-out moments in your sporting career? 

GA: Winning my first Uncle Tobys Ironman Series title in 1993.
BA: Winning 11 World Championship Tour Xterra Races.

SMWTC: What words of wisdom do you have for competitors that are taking on the Challenge for the first time?

GA: Pace yourself, always know where north is.
BA: Enjoy the beautiful scenery, smile and crush it!

SMWTC: And finally, what are goals for this year’s Challenge? What will success look like for Team Rexona? 

GA: I believe Ben and I have the talent to win stages this year. I will be training hard to be a physical match for 28yo Ben and I will bring my A-game for navigation duty and experience.  Podium would be a goal- as high as possible. The teams competing in the SMWTC are world-class, so it wont be easy. Success for Team Rexona will be not smelling bad! HAHA!

BA: Both Guy and I have the skills and knowledge required to win stages and hopefully finish on top of the podium. We both have the same desire to succeed and we will do everything possible to perform at our best come race day. Team Rexona is going to crush it, so look out… we will leave a path on smelling success!!  

Check out what else Guy and Ben are up to: