Had a great Adventure ride on the weekend. Headed up into the Gold Coast’s Numinbah State Forest via one of my favourite road climbs -Springbrook.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.09.49 PM

I was joined by Moto fitness Guru Steve Gall, he loves the technical descents and eats it up with his exceptional skills.


Once we reached the turn off on Pine Creek rd that leads to Numinbah Valley we headed into the fire road trail that climbs further in a Northerly direction before descending quite aggressively before a short bike carry back up again that is followed by a bombing descent all the way to the valley. Then we rode back to the north to Hinze dam and a surf ski paddle to finish.

Heading into the forest. This is steep can’t tell here.


That’s Numinbah valley down there!


We ran into the new raised Dam high water level at the bottom of the decent and had to back track.


Great views at the top of the mountain


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