So good to get back on the proverbial horse today after an enforced break over the weekend.

My knee was giving me some strange pains after a gumby mtb fall and some over tight bits an pieces.

I was particularly down about missing the Gatorade Sprint Triathlon on the weekend after having made some good improvements in fitness since my fourth in the last round at Robina.

Today I threw a tentative leg over my old Connondale and rolled out the door. My knee warmed up well and all going good day two I appears to be a temporary injury.

I managed a 70km ride and even had a little dig over some of the segments -Strava cycling app- and felt okay.

Lunch time I did some Gym work at my Studio with TeamGAEC  Clients consisting of some mobility work in the shoulders, a shoulder press set for strength and a classic crossfit wod named ‘Helen’


For time do 3 rounds of the following;

400m run

21 Kettle bell swings 24kg

12 pull ups

I did 7min57sec



I ended the day with a 10km trail run at a steady pace.

Lets hope I’m only tired tomorrow and the knee is ok.

I feel so much better for the activity that it made me think how important exercise is to battle depression. I am really keen to get involved with the White Cloud Foundation this year. Please watch there video.

[vimeo w=500&h=281] <p><a href=”″>Whitecloud</a> from <a href=””>BREEDER</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

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