The thought of writing a blog for the sake of it sometimes seems a little narcissistic to me but I must confess blogs can be useful and are sometimes entertaining if you follow the right ones.


Keeping mind that the majority of people that make the effort to visit this site and even more so read my blog will already possibly be into outdoor sports of some kind. So armed with this understanding perhaps my blogs can head in this direction. I will be writing about useful tips and reviewing gear as well as passing on some personal insights along the way.

I am also building up my video production quality and have invested in new cameras and editing gear-may not be able to use them. expect some video to pop up on here and my You Tube Channel

I have blocked out a lot of races for 2013 and I am looking forward to them all, but just like all of you, I still have to earn a living and pay entries and by gear for the most part. I do save on some stuff I admit and have some fantastic sponsors that help me with Shoes, nutrition sunnies and clothes.

I am getting back into some road based triathlons this year. My first one was the Robina round of the Gatorade Triathlon series just 20 days after returning from six months in Namibia working on Mad Max 4-Fury Road as a stunt man.


The race was 400m Swim, 15km bike and 4km run. I felt ok on the bike and run but my swim was awful! ironic given that was my strength as a surf ironman.

I was 4th in the 40/44 age category and 1min 23seconds off the winner. The chap that won is undefeated in the Gatorade series and I get to challenge his record on the 13th of Jan again at Robina over 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run.

The difference this time is that i have had the Swisse Mark Webber challenge- a five day multisport race and the Anaconda Adventure race in my legs as well as a load of training post these races.


Notably I have had time to do some kilometers on my time trial bike and get some running under my belt. The later is of more significance as I have stumbled on to these new shoes-Hoka One One. they are from former Salomon designers and follow the mid to forefoot trend but on a fat cushioned platform. The sole allows for free comfortable running without fear of pain or injury and somehow through smart design they are still stable. I will film a review on these in coming weeks.


On Feb 9th I will tackle the Coast to Coast of New Zealand Multisport World Championship. This will be my fifth race in the iconic event that has been running for over 25 years.

I have had two 9ths a 4th and 14th in the longest day. My last outing was 2006 I was 9th in 11hrs44min, 40min behind winner Richard Ussher.

It is a bit of a challenge getting to the start line for this Coast to Coast when you take in logistics of the event it self spread across a country, some 243km of racing with kayak, bike and run. The entry fee is almost a thousand dollars and for that you get to smash yourself up and if you win you get Ten grand Kiwi.-9th gets a beer. You’ll need a dedicated road crew to pick up after you and deliver kayaks and bikes along the way. For this I have legend mate of mine Kiwi Len Smyth whom I have crossed the Bass Strait with in a sea kayak.


At 42 and popping across the ditch without running the course before hand I am up against it but I will train hard and put it all on the line and as always and see what happens at the end.

And if all this aint enough I am going to have crack at the CrossFit Open again this year. Last year was my first go at the 5 weekly workouts against the rest of the CrossFit world, some 68,000 competitors had a go and I was 2014th world wide and 134th in the Australian/NZ region.


This year I am focusing on my multisport and off road triathlons so it’s a real balancing act to get and keep enough strength to keep up with the dedicated CrossFit athletes. On my side this time around is that I am injury free. Last December in the critical phase of preparation for the CrossFit Open I had a high speed Mountain Bike fall and dislocated and fractured my middle finger on my right hand leaving me unable to do many of the CrossFit movements.

Another incentive to compete again is the new 40/44 age category. The youngest age group was 45/49 and this year after I had blocked out my endurance goals in 2013 the announcement was made for the new younger division.

Bring it on I say, only one way to find out.

Stay tuned for more ‘Bloggin off’


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