I have been busy as of late and not blogging much at all.. I’m not too sure anyone will even read this!

I had a disappointing 3rd in the 40/49 world multisport camps in NZ and a 4th in the Kick off Adventure race in Qld after leading all day only to leave a CP out late in the course relegating us to 4th. It was good hit out for the first race with my Sydney based good mate Jon Iles.


Off to Magnetic Island this week for the Adventurethon Multisport race. The Island Is 6km off Townsville, North Queensland. I am really looking forward to the new experience.

The race Starts with a 26km out and back paddle split at the turn around by a 4km trail run and hopefully some down wind conditions on the return leg. After the paddle, run, paddle there is a tough 30km mountain bike and an 18km trail run to finish.

Last years winner Victorian Jarrod Kohlar will be red hot favorite to win.


I am 2 weeks into the 5 week CrossFit Open world wide comp as well which has only served to make me realize I am or at least I should be an endurance athlete! I have performed ok and i am currently 20th in Australia for the 40/44 age but WHO cares! I will focus more on getting some good results in the AR and Multisport scene going forward.


It has been taking longer than expected to get back to where I want to be after 6months away last year but It’s slowly coming-still some way off however.


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