I am excited to take on a Stellar Surf ski dealership. I will be offering demo paddles on the Gold Coast just email me at xguy01@hotmail.com and we can arrange a time.

Use the hash tag #surfskiguy in Instagram, twitter or google to find me.

Stellar skis are a relative new comer to the market but have a strong base in Marine composites and offer a 2 year warranty on Hull construction.

I have raced the SES -Stellar Elite Small- in ocean downwind conditions and I’m super impressed with it’s maneuverability and stability in the rough conditions.

Stellar also offer a number of more stable options if you’re just getting into paddling and need that extra confidence from the craft.

Sea Kayaks, racing K1 and Touring Kayaks are another options from Stellar as well and I will be reviewing all of these here at www.guyandrewsadventure.com in the coming months.


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