“The greater good” that’s what I’m telling myself at the moment as I have just pulled out of the Gatorade Sprint Triathlon Tomorrow (13th Jan) to try to repair my leg from a bit of over training combined with a silly fall off my mountain bike.

I have put a fair amount of work into my legs in the last few weeks not only cycling, running and paddling but also trying to keep some hard CrossFit Sessions up. Its all good except that I took a stumble on a technical MTB trail last Wednesday while feeling a bit flat and pulled up with a weird pain under my kneecap.

I will rest it up this weekend and do some paddling. It’s only three weeks till the Tre-X back to back Off Road Triathlon and four weeks till the Coast to Coast of NZ world multisport champs.

I have a lot of work to do. It’s frustrating resting at this point but as they say think of the greater good.

This explains the Gymnastic Workout on Thursday. I thought well my knee hurts lets do Hand stand walking, muscle ups and toes through rings!


for time:

9 muscle ups (MU)on rings,  10m Hand stand walk (HSW)

21 Toes through rings (TTR), 10m HSW

7 MU, 10m HSW, 15 TTR, 10m HSW, 5 MU, 10m HSW, 9 TTR

Time: 12:42min

ImageImage Image



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