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It’s been a smashing three weekends in a row of races for me with weekend one being the Luke Harrop Memorial Triathlon 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run, weekend number two the Queensland Cross Triathlon Championships 1km swim, 28km MTB and 10.5km trail run and finally weekend three the Rogue 24hr Adventure race! Talk about  some “same but different” diversity in your mutisport diet!

Twelve months ago I was leading the age group at the Qld titles off road Tri race when I snapped my rear derailier off passing a lapped competitor and was beaten into 2nd place after running 7km with my bike. The Luke Harrop race was a great way to sharpen up before the Off Road Tri Qld Champs for 2013 and a second chance at that elusive title.

Race one- Sprint Triathlon

I swam ok after a few sessions in Lake Hugh Muntz, I lead 40/44 wave out on bike going hard and was passed by one guy Dave Sangster who went on to win the category by 2min from me. I came away knowing my riding needs to come up a bit and that in turn affected my run slightly with a 19:58 5km which is nothing to brag about but it’s a good start for me after a few years running like a porta loo!


I have to say my Hoka One one shoes are making running a lot more enjoyable for me and I have been building the kilometers again and slowly making progress without pain.

Alana and I Checked out the Subaru stand at the race and found our choice of vehicles.

Subaru CrossTrek for weekend adventures and the Subaru BRZ to satisfy my motorsport passions-hello James Frizelle!


Race Two-Queensland Off Road Triathlon Championships

After working fairly hard early in the week post race then having a few days mid week backing off before some light pre race training on Friday I went into the race Qld off road Triathlon champs feeling good.

Alana and I camped at the Ewan Maddock Dam the night before the race and I almost blew myself up when my Gas bottle caught on fire while I attempted to cook dinner!


Watch the race report here

Race Three- The Rogue 24 hour Adventure race

Finally weekend number Three! I was a late minute starter for the Rogue 24hr race when SCAR (Sunshine Coast Adventure racers) team member Robbie Andrews couldn’t join regular team mate Dave Schloss for the event.

It was the first time I had raced with Dave and the first overnight race I’ve done in two years so was always going to be a good test of fitness for me. Thanks Dave for a great time it was pleasure to race with you.

rogue 24

The race it’s self was a rogaine style event, rogaines allow for the collection of points based check points to be navigated in any order rather than a numbered order in orienteering or traditional adventure racing.


This in it’s self is a challenge as you must not only select a great and efficient course but also execute it flawlessly all while never really knowing how you are going relative to the field.


Race director Liam St Pierre put together a top race with amazing value for money. Not only nailing all Check point locations and a great course he also showed some, if not all of the professional race promoters how to run social media up dates from a remote location to keep friends and family up dated. Full credit to the Rogue Adventure team.

The race was divided into 4 stages the first a Creek paddle with a short foot nav section half way through the 20 kilometers. We arrived at Transition to the 80km bike section about 4hrs into the race only a few minutes ahead of Rush/spin city cycles team.


Stage 2 the MTB leg was about 80km and saw night fall and a sensational full moon light up the landscape. The Ay-Up lights helped with the details and we nailed the course in around 5 hours with some minor chain ring issues on my aging bike. We were surprised to see Spin City Cycles team arrive just 4 min later.

These guys were making this race interesting!

Stage 3 was a foot Nav section around 20km and we hit out from HQ around 930pm knowing that stage 4 the final 20km paddle on the Burrumba Dam could not start before 530am due to permit restrictions. This meant a possible sleep was on the cards if we could find the check points and get back to HQ in good time.

With only one minor navigation difficulty we arrived back at HQ at 1:51am and enjoyed a couple of hours sleep before stage 4

Team Spin City Cycles had navigated the course in the opposite direction to us and had done a better job turning their 4 minute deficit into a 4:57min lead- the game was on!

At 5am we left HQ for 2km walk with Kayaking gear up to the dam. Race time re started at 530am and Spin city were on our kayak wash and not willing to let us get away.


Dave and I made a quick get away from the first CP and got a small lead that was soon squandered when we struggled to find a Check point on foot soon after. Back together again with Spin city on our wash I overheard one of the guy’s say “just got to get over this wave” meaning to regain our boat wash in order to make the travel easier for them.

I used this information to spur me on and upped the paddle rate immediately and we moved away. From there it was up to us to paddle, nav and not make mistakes to find that 5 minutes we needed to win.

In the end we arrived at the HQ finish line at 9:10am 13minutes ahead and got the win by a mere 8minutes. Congratulations to Russell Stringer and Shaun Lauder of RUSH Spin City Cycles for making the race a memorable one.

Not many photos from the race as my little wifey couldn’t make it. she is training for more records in power lifting!


Till the next adventure


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