New Training schedule Including special training events.

GAA Letters Orange

Weekly Fixed sessions

5pm Tuesdays -“Tuesday Night Lights” Run Forest Trails in Nerang National Park for an hour.

5pm Thursdays Trail Track- Intervals on trails. Nerang National Park

6am Wednesdays – MTB Intervals, Nerang National Park

6am Fridays- MTB Nerang National Park

3pm Sunday – Mountain Bike skills Training, Nerang National Park

Special Event Training (check in weekly here)

Sunday 15 June Gold Coast Challenge Bike course 90km 6am Meet Salk oval Currumbin

Weekly all Fixed sessions $40 in advance.

Session by session $15 per

Special event pricing will vary per event starting at $20

Personalized Program

Get your own detailed day to day program with personalized Heart rate guide and pre testing for $60 per week Including all fixed weekly sessions (does not include special event sessions)

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