A quick update! It’s been far too long. I guess having a 5month old baby your priorities change!

The Cross Triathlon World Champs are only days away taking place in Lake Crackenback on Nov 19 so with our new baby girl Alex arriving in June it’s been a hell of a ride till now. Luckily my Wife Alana knows how important racing and training is to me – probably because it is to her as well- and supports my habit. Oh and I had a birthday too!


Had a birthday too

Training and racing in the lead up to the Champs has gone pretty much as planned with a solid 2nd outright in the Adventurthon Coffs Harbour early in my base prep back in August.

October saw a 1st place in the gatorade Triathlon series standard distance race in 45-49 and 15th outright and later in the month 1st over 40 and 5th outright in the 40km Dingo Howl Mountain bike race at the amazing Hidenvale Adventure Park

It was a pretty big thrill to have Green Jersey Tour De France legend Robbie McEwen in 2nd place over 40s! It’s not too often I would be ahead of that legend in a bike race! Even if he is retired.

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Dingo Howl

I’ve always been a big believer in working your weakness until you have all your multisport disciplines as strong as possible and ideally as good as the best exponent of each given sport within that multisport arena.


2nd Elite Male Adventurethon Coffs

In my Surf Ironman days I was never number 1 in any individual discipline but I was always close and more importantly close or near the best in all 4 sports-Swim, Surf ski, Malibu Board and run. In turn this netted me a lot of titles including 3 Uncle Tobys Ironman Series wins and 10 individual events

In my retired age group phase of sport I have been less consciences about working all disciplines and my running has lagged.

Using the ITU -International Triathlon Union- World Cross Ttiathlon Championships and a motivator I have worked my weakness, my run, back to something a little more respectable along with improvements in the swim and bike I can now look forward to putting up a good fight for the World Title Crown on the 19th of November in the 45-49 Age.



1st Olympic Dist Tri, Robina

1st Olympic Dist Tri, Robina

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