Its been a few years since I’ve ventured to China for a multisport Adventure race the last trip was in 2012 to race over 3 days in the Baise Outdoor quest where my team of four placed 3rd.

imageThis time around in 2015 I teamed up with Jarad Kohlar once again as we did 3 years ago but with two different team mates, the very talented duo of Paul Patrick 43 and Christie Sym 32.

“The Suqian -sponsor-Eco adventure Quadrathlon mutisport race China”- yep that was on the 80 foot long banner in the dining hall! Punchy hash tags not needed in a google censored communist society.

The event description is probably a longer hash tag! as follows….

2.5km swim, 20km Paddle (double kayaks), 18km In line Skate, 65km MTB, 35km Paddle, 45km MTB, 35km Run(with GPS Navigation)

The pre event hype put on by the host province was a spectacular affair as always at these Chinese events with fire works and extended speeches but soon it was time to race.


We managed to keep our team in the lead group of three for the swim with 3 of us quite accomplished in the water and yours truly assisting land lover Jarad Kohlar to maintain contact with the lead teams from Finland and New Zealand.

Leg two was 20km in plastic double kayaks of which saw a few teams including ours submerge in the choppy lake conditions losing valuable time to the leaders.

Leg Three an 18km Inline skate saw us already 10min down and entering a discipline only two of our four team members could say were arguably efficient at. The road alongside the lake was as smooth as glass and closed for our race. At about the 10km mark I mentioned to Paul Patrick a former winner of the prestigious Zadopek 10000m running race in a time of 27:59sec that we were averaging 3min10sec km pace and his response was “I can F@#$ing run faster than that!

We were happier once we hit the Mountain Bike Leg of 65km through serene Local lane ways and fields eventually leading us back through the buzzing new metropolis of Suqian and onto the race Transition area on Lake Luoma.

We then headed off on a 2.5km run and abseil off the host hotel from the 36th floor then quickly back to the kayaks for a further 35km paddleabseilchina




Exiting the Paddle leg at a race time of some 10 plus hours we found ourselves in 6th position a solid effort in such a strong international field but not where we bikechina15wanted to be, so we dug in for the final two stages a 45km MTB and a 35km Navigational run.

We managed to move up to 5th and close to within 24min of the podium after 16h35min of non stop racing.

The race was eventually won for the 2nd year in a row by RAW adventure a mix of French and Aussie athletes, 2nd was Finnish team Thule’ and third New Zealand based athletes from Torpedo7

We are looking forward to chasing that international podium in next years event.

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