It’s been a tough few weeks getting my Triathlon squad off the ground. It was never going to be easy with a lot of people already doing their own types of training in various groups and communities but I also had to work around a badly broken right Radius and Ulna with Tendon and Cartilage damage.


Just another challenge that can be overcome, just like all athletes that know how to achieve would appreciate.

In April my GAA Off Road Tri Squad saw the implementation of up to 12 sessions a week, we raced at the Tre-X off road Tri Qld Champs with three podiums from three starters and saw our first batch of Team GAA Squad Tee Shirts come hot off the press!



In May we will slightly adjust the time of sessions and the emphasis on training will be on further developing skills and building base over winter for a big hit up next summer and beyond.

You can turn up to any or all sessions check out the schedule and fees on this LINK

We are always an off road group firstly but on road Triathlons are also our passion and we will be racing at many on road events including Gold Coast Challenge and the Qld Gatorade series and more.


Cheers and Happy training


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